What should you do about uneven cooking in a microwave oven?

My microwave oven seems to mostly heat things on the periphery of the plate
and the part in the center is significantly cooler. Is this considered
faulty operation and should I get something replaced? — MD

It’s quite possible that the pattern of microwaves inside your oven is more intense at some places than in others — that’s why most microwaves have carousels in them to move the food around. I don’t think that the pattern will change much with age, but it’s possible that your oven isn’t producing as much microwave power as it once did and you notice the low-intensity regions more than before. It’s not a true “fault”, but it is a nuisance. If you get tired of putting up with it, you should probably replace the oven. It used to be that you could purchase carousel inserts for the ovens, but I don’t see them for sale anymore.

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